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The PCOS Diet Support Podcast

Aug 22, 2013


In this episode of the PCOS Diet Support Podcast, we have a look at some of the steps you can take to make long lasting changes to your diet and lifestyle. Research has shown that diet and lifestyle modifications are more effective in managing PCOS than Metformin (1). That is huge and just shows how important these changes are. BUT, they're also incredibly difficult to make!

So many of us struggle from carb cravings and disordered eating. Sticking to any kind of diet changes is SO difficult - but not impossible!!!

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More specifically, in this episode, you'll find out about:

  • Finding your motivation and setting goals
  • You're worth it!
  • Having a plan
  • Being prepared
  • Finding support
  • Having a 1000 calorie breakfast
  • Diet and supplements with IVF
  • Tackling that pesky hair growth


Resources and Links Mentioned in this Episode Include:

PCOS shopping list
PCOS Meal Plans
Supplements for Managing PCOS


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